FRP Bypass Lock on Any Android Phone [Complete Guide]

Google have put FRP lock on android to prevent users from doing factory resets. This actually helps in keeping your phone secure and safe from others.

But sometimes this feature becomes problematic for users who forgot login credentials. Or people who bought second hand device can also face FRP lock screen issue. So the developers came up with a working solution which we now call FRP Bypass.

One out of three americans forgets her/his login credentials. So FRP becomes a headache for them. Don’t worry, In this detailed guide, you will learn how to bypass FRP on android phone.

FRP Bypass

What is FRP Bypass and How It Works?

Before Android 5.1, it was much easier for people to access phone whoever found it. But after Android Lollipop and above OS, it is a different story.

Google introduced Google account verification (FRP) feature on new Android OS. So in case smartphone gets stolen/lost, it requires Google account verification. Thus FRP makes the device inaccessible for those who don’t have login details.

This feature gets enabled automatically on android device after you setup Google account. And if you want to get rid of FRP, you simply need to remove Google account which is previously synced.

I have compiled list of easy and working methods to FRP bypass on your android device.

How to FRP Bypass Google Lock on Any Android Phone

After resetting android device, most users encounter “This device was reset” message. This becomes problem for you if you have forgot Google email ID and password after factory reset.

What will you do in such situation? In this article, I have outlined the easier and safest methods to FRP bypass any locked phone.

Do Samsung FRP Bypass With PC

If you are looking for easy way to Samsung FRP Bypass, then I recommend using Tenoshare 4uKey for Android. Follow this step by step FRP Removal guide shared below:

  • First you need to download 4uKey for Android. Next install it on your computer.
  • After that connect your Android to PC. Then open 4uKey for Android.
  • Next click on remove Google Lock (FRP).
  • Then select your Android device OS version. Click on start button.
  • Next confirm these two things:
  1. Device OS version
  2. Device connected to Wifi network and is on Google FRP Lock page.
  • Once confirmed, click start button.
  • Next go back to welcome screen on your android device. Then tap emergency call and enter #0#.
  • Then go back to 4uKey for Android screen and click Next.
  • A new pop up show on your Android. Tap Allow.
  • 4uKey for Android will start FRP unlock process. It will take few minutes.
  • Once your device restarts, your FRP lock is removed.

That’s it!! You have removed Google account from your Samsung device successfully. This method will take less than five minutes.

Recover Your Google Account on Another Device

I recommend you to first retrive your Google account login credentials. The best solution to this problem is setting up device on your Google account. You can use anothe android phone to transfer a Gmail account.

  • Open Google account and search for setup my device.
  • Then follow on screen instructions.
  • Once done, your android phone will setup with the Google account.
  • Now you can use this Google account on your Android phone and you won’t face FRP Lock again.

Bypass FRP on Android Phone

Below is the step by step guide to frp bypass your android device. This method might not work for every device. Because device manufactures release new software updates to prevent these patches.

Follow the step by step instructions given below to bypass frp on android phone.

  • First connect your android device to a Wifi network. Then select Google keyboard layout.
  • Next on sign in page, tap email field and then tap @ sign on your keyboard.
  • Now you need to tap Google keyboard settings.
  • After that tap three dots showing on screen top right corner to open options. Then tap help & feedback.
  • Next tap on search Google & Send result from keyboard option.
  • Then tap any word from guide showing on your device screen. Once the word is highlights, tap on web search option.
  • A popup will appear asking you to select the next action. Next tap on Google App. This will then bhring the search results for the word you just Googled.
  • Now tap on the search bar and search for Settings. You will see system settings icon.
  • Tap on system settings icon -> Tap backup & reset -> Factory data reset. This will reset your android device to factory settings.
  • Once the reset process completes, you will then see Welcome screen on your device.
  • Now Connect to a Wifi network. You can skip entering Google email ID and password. If you can skip, this means your device is successfully frp bypassed.

Hope the above guide helped you to bypass Google FRP locked phone easily in 2023.

FRP Bypass APK

FRP Bypass apk is the most popular frp unlock tool. If you forgot Google logins, this app will erase the previously synced Google account.

Also FRP bypass apk is not limited to Samsung devices. You can use it to unlock FRP on other android smartphones and tablets. FRP Bypass app is safe and 100% free to use.

  • First download FRP bypass apk by clicking on the download link given above.
  • After download completes, copy the .apk file to your USB/Flash drive.
  • Now open the FRP locked device. Then connect USB drive to android device using an OTG cable.
  • After connecting OTG cable, a file exlorer will open up.
  • Next tap on frp bypass.apk file to start installation. If you get any security warning, simply enable unknown sources option.
  • After the installation completes, open FRP app and headover to settings menu.
  • Next tap on Backup & reset option. Then tap factory data reset and again tap to confirm it.

Congrats!! You have bypassed Google FRP lock on your android phone. Now restart your device and setup your device by following on-screen instructions.

Bypass FRP Without OTG

Before getting started, keep in mind we won’t be using OTG cable. Just make sure you have a working internet connection. Then follow the step by step instructions given below:

  • Switch on your FRP locked device. Next connect your device to wifi network.
  • Once you get FRP screen, simply tap Settings icon on keyboad.
  • Next navigate to menu button -> Tap help & feedback option.
  • Now type whatever word you want and click on share.
  • Then you need to select Messaging -> New Message -> Type any number in “To section”.
  • Next tap on contacts icons -> Tap on call icon -> New call options. Now dial pad will open. Type ##4636##.
  • Tap on usage statistics option -> Click back button. Shortly settings menu will reappear.
  • Tap on Backup & Reset option – Factory data reset -> Confirm it.

That’s it!! You have bypassed FRP on android without using an OTG cable.

Deactivate FRP in Your Android Device

If you want to deactivate FRP on your android phone so you won’t face this issue again. Then follow these steps:

  • First go to your android device settings.
  • Then tap on Accounts.
  • Select Google.
  • Now tap on Google account from acounts list.
  • Tap on three dots tool icon showing on top right corner. It will bring a set of options. Just tap on remove accounts.

Once you have disabled FRP, you won’t face Google account verification screen again.


Bypassing FRP lock on your android device is not illegal at all. Apart from this, there are many other frp bypass methods. In this article I listed only the easy and best methods working for users.